This blog is really the mini-me of my main relationship literature online. A colorful place I can write about lighter topics or less general aspects of relationships. A testing ground if you will.

If you want more penetrating free relationship advice please do check out the resources below.

My first relationship website which endures to this day (8 years and going strong).

It features hundreds of in-depth, relationship-centric articles on all things breakups. There are no taboos, there are no judgements. Just real opinion from real people.

It is also a place where you can get targeted, personalized feedback. Either for free via the forms or comments (and when I say targeted, I mean it, have a look for yourself).

I also offer affordable relationship counselling via Patreon for those who want answers and opinions immediately. Given how most relationship "experts" are just marketers charging up the wazoo for promises and expectations they can't possible know, $20 for a month worth of support seems reasonable.

Free Relationship Advice Resources

As the Internet grows so do our options. This is a constantly updated list of places I value when it comes to free advice so far.