A scientific Look At Why Guys Like Being Called Daddy

It may initially seem like a rather bizarre masculine quirk. What's the motivation here? What on earth does being empowered by paternal power armor do for a man?

Well now. There's the short version, and then there's the long version. It just so happens that the science behind guys liking being called daddy is both interesting and insightful. Even if I do say so myself.

Still with me? Here we go.

why guys like being called daddy

It's In His Jeans Genes

There's no denying the parental factor in attraction, though admitting it may take some doing. Consider your quintessential female traits of attraction for instance. Why do men like breasts? Could it be that breasts represent fertility? Yes it is, but this isn't just symbolism we're talking about here.

Researchers in a 2004 study found that larger breasts equate a larger concentration of the estradiol hormone. This hormone is thought to be linked to fertility. So men's fascination with breasts is more than just a cultural fancy, it is genetic scouting.

Now back to men. Being called daddy follows similar genetic impulses. Quite simply, men's genetic impulse is that of inseminating. So from a sexual perspective, what better way to crown this than by calling a man "daddy"?

A man who reproduces successfully (or at least does so mechanically, the body can't tell the difference) has achieved his deep-seated goal. This drive bubbles up culturally as the dad-fixation.

But is it all nature? Or is nurture also a factor here?

The Nurture Versus Nature Debate (Why Not Both?)

paternal drive
Research conducted on over 500 pairs of identical twins shows that standards of attraction varied wildly (they disagreed over 50% of the time). This suggests that while nature has its place as a driving force in mate selection, it probably takes a backseat to nurture.

It seems likely therefore that some men take a personal kind of pleasure from being called daddy simply because it is culturally regarded as one of the peaks of male sexual achievement. Being the daddy sexually and culturally, is a little like saying he's the boss. It empowers him.

As a man, you can't go wrong with that. And indulging this quirk doesn't cost all that much, unless he takes it all a little too far or it makes you decidedly uncomfortable.

He Loves It When You Call Him Big Poppa

Cause I see some ladies tonight that should be havin' my baby, baby - The Notorious B.I.G

I'm not just including a picture of the B.I.G as a humorous and distinctly out of place way of endorsing his music, but as a way of showing just how cultural influences and genetic drives have a hand in influencing each other. What may be birthed in the subconscious has found its way to the forefront of our sexual culture. It's a double whammy. A snake eating its own tail.

So. To keep it short and sweet. Why do guys like being called Daddy? Because there's nothing more subconsciously empowering than the harmony of uniting both his genetic drive to procreate, and his cultural drive to provide and conquer.