7 Truly Bizarre Facts And Statistics About Relationships

Welcome to the bizarre world of facts and statistics about relationships. A modern day behavioral Picasso showcasing just how weird and unpredictable things can get when you mix genetics and culture.

confused woman

1. Diamonds Are For... A One Night Stand?

Research conducted by Andrew Francis-Tan of the National University of Singapore and Hugo M. Mialon of Emory University studied the relationship between "wedding spending" and "marriage duration" and found that the more one spent the less the marriage lasted

The cause of this counter-intuitive trend? 

"Wedding related debt stress".

In other words, those who spent between $2000 and $4000 on an engagement ring reported a 93% greater chance of relationship stress over those who spent under $1000. 

And there you have it. Your excuse to a long-lasting, healthy relationship that won't slay your bank account. Why indebt yourself with a diamond when you can get away with cubic zirconia instead?

2. Love Syncs Your Heart Rate

couple in sync
Another reputable study conducted by Emilio Ferrer at UC Davis found that lover's heart rates sync and match when spending time together. 

This "psychological reactivity" does make sense when you break it down a little further. Unconscious body language mirroring is a well known side-effect of having a romantic connection. It makes sense that matching breathing patterns would be an important part of this process, and subsequently this would lead to an approximation of heart rate. 

3. It's Mattress Time. No, Not That

According to Taylor Andrews over at Cosmopolitan, a stunning 74% of new couples buy a mattress at the start of a new relationship. Am I the only one surprised? I was unable to find a study that supports this conclusion however, so we'll just have to trust the author (or not). 

One thing that did come of researching was realizing that debating whether or not to change mattress after a relationship is actually a thing. Perhaps that's the most bizarre part of all of this to begin with.

4. Sharing Is Caring

HPV virus

This one is more disturbing than bizarre, though it warrants a mention regardless. According to researchers at NYU Langone Medical Center, almost 70% of American adults carry the sexually transmitted HPV virus.

That's three-quarters of people with just one type of STD (there are many different strains though). Excuse me while I head to the clinic.

5. Sorry, She's Just Not A Fan

In Victorian England women used fans to communicate romantic interest so as to not waste precious time during the courtship process.

For instance, setting the fan on the left side of the face was a way of telling the man to back off, whereas swinging the fan was a not-so-subtle invitation to make matters more personal.

Here is a list of fan signs for your amusement.

6. A True Test Of Courage

We often hear about horrifying rites of passage endured by men and women from across the globe. The transition to sexual adulthood is no joke.

One such tribe, the Sambian tribe of Papua New Guinea, mark this entry with an unusual type of toast. And I'm not talking bread, I'm talking about drinking the semen of the tribe's mightiest warriors in order to gain their strength.

I'll spare you (myself) the details.

7. A Whole New Level Of Cheating

Niger's Wodaabe tribe take cheating to an entirely new level. During one of their ceremonies the men paint their faces and wear costumes in order to hide their identity. 

The kicker? 

If they are able to covertly "steal" another man's wife while camouflaged their union is officially recognized.

Now that's one way to approach a divorce settlement.