Why Your Boyfriend Is So Tired All The Time

In this article, I am going to assume that by "tired" you aren't referring to physical fatigue, but rather that your boyfriend is constantly drained and lacks initiative.

If your boyfriend seems to protest everything chances are he needs to take a step back and re-evaluate his day-to-day routine and filter out the elements that are draining him. This may or may not have something to do with the relationship itself, so don't jump the gun before taking steps.

Root Causes

Psychological fatigue (which can manifest as physical fatigue) is a sign your boyfriend may have lost touch with elements of his individuality that were unconsciously compromised over the course of the relationship.

tired boyfriend
Inch by inch, without really noticing, he may have shredded his wants in an effort to make ends meet. If this goes on unchecked for too long, he can be left with nothing to really look forward to, and he will live the relationship with a kind of passive autopilot modality.

In short, he will become unable to leave his comfort zone, even though the monotony of having nothing spicy, or fresh, to keep him guessing is slowly chipping away at his drive. 

Switching Things Up

The solution revolves around breaking this pattern of taking the daily grind for granted. 

As to how to pattern break, that will depend on your boyfriend's character and temperament. 

  • If his lack of energy is due to feeling suffocated, which is a common cause of being drained, he might need to incorporate some time to indulge in some time alone. 
  • If time alone isn't the issue, it might be a case of turning your routine upside down and redefining what constitutes a "day in the life" of your relationship. 
No relationship is ever going to be an ever rejuvenating fountain of new things, sliding into the complacent or comfortable is completely normal. Having said that, knowing how to recognize a pattern will save the relationship from stagnating. And breaking the pattern can be achieved with small things, you don't need to change your life completely. 

Pattern Breaks

Relationships evolve because people evolve. While a routine may initially be fulfilling for both parties early on in the relationship, there's no telling how that same routine will affect you both down the line. Never take for granted that what worked once for you both, continues to do so. In this case, a drained boyfriend might be a symptom that the old routine is no longer sustainable. 

Evolving with the relationship can be achieved in small, but profound steps. It might mean:
  • Backing off rather than attempting to compromise or initiate. Perhaps by doing something as simple as reducing texting to a minimum a allowing him the space to operate freely (so you can see what that actually means).
  • Indulging in solo activities and rekindling individualism.
  • Trying new things. 
The idea is to force your boyfriend (and you) to redefine the relationship and see where the pieces of the puzzle fall. To stop taking the grind for granted. And hopefully, to start to rebuild a better, more fulfilling routine together.